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  Our law firm dedicated to vigorously defending the rights of our clients. We offer high-caliber representation with a practice that’s designed to cater to your individual needs. Our national association helped us establish relationships in many States where we or our network of attorneys can assist you. We have consumer rights lawyers and collection harassment attorneys, that specialize in providing services to assist consumers a bit like you to prevent bill collectors from calling you at work or threatening you via family members. If there are debt collectors contacting you inappropriately at work or elsewhere, the attorneys will work with you to discuss your options to resolve the situation and possibly obtain compensation for you regarding their violation. We will never choose profit over client service and that we will do everything in our ability to form our lawyers directly available to you. Most importantly, we’ll provide you with independent one-on-one assistance that shows you ways to handle abusive debt collectors. We pride ourselves on achieving outstanding outcomes on behalf of consumers who have been treated unfairly.

Stop The Harassment At No Cost To You

We are happy to review your situation and allow you to know if you’ve got a legitimate case. There is no cost for a consultation and, if you are successful claim, we can sue debt collector violators and possibly get you compensation for any damages you may have suffered. The best part is that the collector will need to pay your attorney fees, where applicable. In most instances, we do not charge any fees to you; we only collect from the collector. Please review our site and see what services we may be able to offer you.